The Beginnings of Inveigle

It's the typical story - an angry student decides to change the way the industry works.

Started out of a dorm room — kind of

An imaginative student who started contracting while in high school hit the sidewalks of Grand Valley State University, and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere. The fast-paced learning incubator that is GVSU struck a heart string, and he decided to do something with his time. Although the idea behind Inveigle had been around since high school, it wouldn't start being truly built into it's current form until the college era.

Rejection and Ideating

After being rejected for a number of jobs for being too young, he decided to go out on his own. Using a design-thinking backbone, the business model for Inveigle was laid out in such a way that every customer has the most valuable expereience possible.

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