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Ahhh, so you want to learn about Innovation. Say hello to thoughtful design.

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What in the world is Thoughtful Design?

It's a beautiful way to create products or services for your customers, using empathy. The idea is to create a solution for your end user's problem once and for all.

Here's what we're doing to Innovate

Our goal is to stay current, so we continue to learn and innovate with our products and services.

HQ on a College Campus

How cool is that? We're centered directly in an already innovative environment, and we take full advantage of that opportunity.

Decisions & Design Thinking

Design Thinking, or human-centered design, is the perfect way to solve the correct issue, and to keep your end users in mind.

Open Source Research

Where we can, we'll be opening some projects open source. As long as it doesn't expose part of our main core or structure, you're likely to find it on our GitHub. Our research teaches both us, as well as other developers new things.

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